International Cross Reference Chart
Copper: Noted for its high electrical as well as heat conductivity, Copper is also antimicrobial and fast becoming the choice in all bacteria sensitive environments.
Manganese Bronze: For applications requiring high wear resistance combined with very high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
Leaded Brasses: High speed and free machining brasses for maximum output and productivity with minimum tool wear.
Aluminium: Lightweight and strong Aluminium is steadily becoming the choice material for both industrial as well as decorative purposes.
Naval Brass: With the addition of Tin this alloy group offers superior protection to the corrosion by sea water, even at higher than normal temperatures.
Forging Brass: With significant cost savings of forgings over machined components these brassess are used world wide with great effect.

The Non-Ferrous Metal Works Group is one of the major metallurgical undertakings in Southern Africa.

With Head Office and two manufacturing facilities situated in Durban, the largest port in Africa, the company is ideally situated to serve local and especially overseas consumers of non-ferrous semi-fabricated products.


NFM stocks a multitude of Aluminium products to suit every need. Lightweight and strong this versatile and easily recyclable metal knows no boundaries in terms of innovation.

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With over 40 separate alloys and 6 Sales Centres throughout South Africa, NFM is the brand of choice for Quality and Variety.

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NFM produce a wide variety of copper products for electrical as well as industrial needs. From flats to rounds to sections NFM is well prepared to meet customer expectations.

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